Thursday, March 3, 2011

In which I completely blank on a clever title

Well, you won't believe what's on my needles today.

I can hardly believe it myself: I'm not the biggest fan of violent radioactive green acrylic, and yet for reasons that I cannot yet disclose, I'm buzzing away on a plain green and white toque with a gigantic pompom (also green). I'm not even going to bother photographing this one, because it's kind of non-noteworthy, except for the fact that it's so unexpected. I will tell you that I'm doing it for Adrian, but not for him to wear. More to follow.

In lieu, though, I will tell you about another project I'm cooking up: my grand plan to spin down my fibre stash while simultaneously preparing to knit my first handspun sweater. You might recall that this was one of my plans at the new year, except that originally I was thinking "spin enough for a sweater...with a drop spindle," which is a bit like "chop down an entire forest...with a herring." If not quixotic, at least silly, especially given that I now own a wheel.

Anyway. The stashdown/sweater thing. It started with this:which I spun up into this:
(Well, there was more of it, but Rachel was running around that day taking shots of everything, and this was the nicest one of the lot.)

Then (having finally figured out that I should think hard about what I ply things to), I plied it to a whole bunch of Fleece Artist Merino in Moss Green.
The goal was to tone the colours down a bit, and also to make the final yarn a bit more compatible with the next colourway, which happens to be (wait for it) Fleece Artist Merino in Moss Green, plied to itself. Sadly, I have no pics of that yet, but it's on my list for tomorrow. You're not missing much, really—just a whole whack of green yarn, in more-or-less worsted weight.

Next up...well, I could act all mysterious and pretend that I have a grand plan, but I don't, really. So I think my next step will be to dig through the stash for something that I could plausibly add to the mix.

By the way, I've decided on a name for my wheel: in honour of its extreme blueness, I hereby christen it "Babe." I still won't call it a "she," though. I do have some standards.


Mary Keenan said...

Love. All of it.

Christine said...

Your spinning wheel has grown up! It used to go by the name of "Baby" :)

Allison said...

Great spinning! There is nothing like an acrylic toque complete with pompom for our Canadian winters!