Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Betwixt and between

I mentioned to you the other day that I've been thinking quite seriously about knitting a sweater from wool I've spun myself.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people—choosing the right fibre, the right colour, the right weight of yarn, spinning it up more or less consistently, and knitting it into something that a person with reasonably good taste might actually choose to wear from time to time—but to me, from here, it looks like a bit of an uphill slog.

For one thing, aside from the insane amount of laceweight I showed you yesterday, I haven't really accumulated a lot of mileage on my wheel. And while I want something wearable, I confess that I have the attention span of your average gnat, such that spinning one colour for miles and miles sounds about as appealing as removing my own toenails with a chisel.

Therefore, I resolved that this would be a stripey sweater. Lots of colours, preferably ones that get along reasonably well together.

So far, this is the yarn I've spun:From right to left, you're looking at about 100 yards of BFL/bamboo/firestar, spun on a whim from some carded batts; about 200 yards of Fleece Artist Merino in the Moss colourway, spun from sliver; and another 350 yards of Fleece Artist Merino, Moss and a colourway whose name I don't know (although it could be something like Autumn).

So my question is this: what next? I need at least another 300 yards of something or another if I'm going to make even a cropped sweater with shortish sleeves...and looking through my current stash, I'm having trouble deciding which way to go next.

Do I opt for this one—Falkland combed top from Fat Cat Knits, in the Brimstone colourway?I like the way the warm tones seem to pick up the warmth of the already-spun yarns; even though there's not a hint of green in this one, I can see it working out as a companion to what I already have.

Or should I consider this—BFL from Yummy Yarn?It looks a bit anemic in the first shot, but that's mostly because I was in a rush to get the picture, and neglected to consider that the bright afternoon sunshine would wash out the colour. Here's another, to give you a better idea:
Again, here I like the idea of sticking with greens and yellows, but this green is quite a bit more blue than the Moss in my current batch. Is that bad? Will it look putrid? I can't decide.

Or do I cave completely, and go with some advice I received recently: use the handspun yarns for the yoke, and get something plain and store-bought for the body and arms? I do have time to ponder the question, since I still have Beatnik on the needles (and will have for a while, if I keep proceeding at this pace).

But if you have an opinion and you feel like sharing, I'd welcome it (unless your opinion is, "Have you lost your mind? Why are you even considering making a sweater out of a whole bunch of colours like this?").


Mary Keenan said...

I don't have an opinion (though the idea of a handspun yoke does seem sensible) but wow, is it ever amazing how both those very different fibres look perfect with the stuff you've already spun, picking up completely different tones! I say spin both and see how they look when they're yarn.

Amanda said...

Or, following Mary above, at least sample spinning the two choices before you decide - so many of the blended or painted colorways look different when spun and plied.

Christine said...

Not saying to use the Adult Surprise Jacket for your pattern but there a couple of good examples of how handspun yarn in different colourways were combined on Ravelry. Check this one out http://www.ravelry.com/projects/fiberenabler/adult-surprise-jacket