Thursday, February 10, 2011

Random Thursday

1. First, thanks to everyone for the good wishes (and for not pointing out that pouring boiling water on my foot might be just a tad on the klutzy side). I have stocked up on 2nd Skin burn pads and ouchless paper tape, and am now cultivating patience as I wait for the damn blisters to heal.

2. Meanwhile, I finally faced the fact that my Noro Kureyon gloves are on the verge of giving up the ghost. Granted, I've used them most days this winter, but the fact that I knit them at too loose a gauge, and that Kureyon isn't the hardest-wearing wool in existence, have combined to create some rather large thin patches in inconvenient places such as the fingers and thumbs.

3. So, caving to the inevitable, I cast on yesterday for a pair of gloves that I hope will be both warmer and more durable. I'm doubling up a strand of mohair with a strand of some random merino/cashmere (!) that I dug out of the stash. Couldn't tell you their names, but the combination is pretty stellar.

3a. The pattern is my own, mainly because I can never find patterns in the gauge I want; suffice to say, it's not particularly fancy. It involves two by two ribbing at the cuff, a rather nice outlined thumb gusset, and then it's plain sailing until the fingers.

3b. I just went to take a progress shot, but got a snide reminder from my camera that the battery needs recharging. (This may or may not be related to the fact that I left it turned on yesterday. Even so, I don't need a lecture from my camera on the subject of my own irresponsibility.)

4. Spent most of last night listening to the last 50 or so chapters of the final Harry Potter book (does that woman get paid by the word, or what?), as read by Stephen Fry. Frankly, I would listen to that man read the Ottawa phone book, so was perfectly willing to listen to his rendition of the somewhat over-wrought adventures of HP while knitting the aforementioned gloves. I confess to indulging in some fairly cynical backtalk at times, which earned me reproving frowns and shushes from the HP fans in our household.

5. Hmm. That's about it, really. I was sure there was more, but now that I'm here, my mind has gone blank. Well, I'll try to make it up to you tomorrow. And who knows? Maybe I'll have a functioning, non-lecturing camera by then. Toodles, all.


Mary Keenan said...

Stephen Fry????

I've been buying those books at Goodwill just to have them handy but I would shell out full prices to have them read to me by Mr. Fry. Off to the bookshop for me!

(and I'm very glad to hear your burn-healing is progressing well!)

kmkat said...

Certain readers have that marvelous ability to entrance their listeners no matter what they read. Neil Gaiman is one (but he only reads his own books). Tim Curry is another. And of course Stephen Fry, although I haven't listened to any audiobooks read by him.

Hmm, do you think it is mere coincidence that all three of my examples are British and have lovely accents?

Patti (from Ottawa) said...

Re: kmkat's comment: I've been listening to Neil Gaiman's reading of The Graveyard Book on his blog, Again. I love it. Have you heard this, Karen? Rachel? Mitchell? Bet you'd like it! (singsong) except that's where I'm at currently, chapter 7. You can start at chapter one if you'd like.... XO

slipstreamfiberarts said...

Fry reading HP? Sign me up. I'm no huge crazy fan of the books, but they were enjoyable light reading, and Stephen Fry would be a treat to hear.

As for readers, Alan Rickman made Thomas Hardy enjoyable for me. No mean feat, that.