Monday, January 24, 2011

Making haste slowly

The sock-yarn scrap linen stitch scarf (go ahead, try and say that fast even once) is growing at its customary glacial pace.

I'm not really complaining, for one thing because I'm actually quite liking watching the colours blend and meld with one another. The linen stitch breaks things up, so that a blinding fuschia/orange combo can live quite comfortably next door to screaming lime green. It's hard to see it here, but you see that bright green stripe about halfway down? The yarn right above it is the same as the yarn next to the cast-on purple edge. I kid you not.

And I'm having fun playing with dark/light contrasts, too. For example, I've concluded that it's really good to have an occasional dark stripe to add a sense of structure and order to the whole.Just for fun, I measured it today. The results:
Sigh. (Then again, I'm only looking at about six inches total, so this means I'm halfway there.)


nicolaknits said...

That scarf is beautiful. I love it.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

I like your colour combinations. As I knit mine I was reminded of an old quilting saying - if you don't like a piece of fabric, you just haven't cut it small enough. It's the same with these scraps - small sections blend beautifully.

kmkat said...

Beautiful. What a successful way to use up those sock yarn scraps.

slipstreamfiberarts said...

It looks fabulous. Love that linen stitch.

Mary Keenan said...

i love how woven it looks... (said the girl without a loom.)