Thursday, December 9, 2010

All over the map

Maybe it's the impending holiday season, or maybe it's the fact that Mitchell got stuck at DeGaulle airport because of the snow/ice situation in Europe, and may not even make it home tonight (and he's already a full 24 hours past his revised ETA); or maybe it's the fact that I'm sitting here surrounded by beautiful fleece and yarn, and my head is full of bright ideas for knitting gifts that could occupy me well into the new year, but I want to give them as holiday gifts, which means I should, you know, actually knit something. But which should I do first?

And meanwhile, I'm contemplating the idea of actually getting a spinning wheel (Wait! What's that I hear? Hell freezing over?), but I'm confused about what I want. I've looked at an Ashford Traveler, which has a nice old-fashioned kind of vibe even though it's definitely a modern wheel; and I've thought about a folding Lendrum, in part because it's Canadian-made; and I know someone who once offered to lend me her Kiwi to try.

Everyone says it's a good idea to try a bunch of different wheels before deciding on one, but honestly, I don't know that many people with wheels. And I don't want to invest a lot of money in a wheel before I even know if I like wheel-spinning; maybe I'm really a spindler at heart, and should just give up on this wheel foolishness altogether?

Like I said, all over the map. Discombobulated.

However, I did cast on with yesterday's wool for a nice plainish hat, one of the aforementioned gifts, so I think I'll go do some 2x2 ribbing on that while I contemplate spinning wheels, holiday pressure, and AirFrance.


Mary Keenan said...

You can always do what I did about the spinning wheel question: wait to see if somebody offers a good used one at an affordable price, and let it leap into your lap ;^)

nestra said... is a good place to find a used one, and there are groups on Rav that have listings for used ones as well. I went through a few wheels before I found the perfect one for me. I had to learn to spin and get some time in before I even knew what I was looking for.

Don't stress too much about getting the 'perfect' wheel.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I love love love my Ashford Joy, but not everyone does. The transition from spindle to wheel can be slow and frustrating, but I wouldn't give my wheel up for anything, and not just because it makes yarn faster. There is something deeply meditative about spinning- I always relax at the wheel.

Elizabeth said...

I have an Ashford Joy and a Traditional you can try. The Guild has an older Louet and a Lendrum. I know some people who have Schacht's and a Kiwi. E-mail me and we can figure something out. I'm teaching wheel spinning in January or February, I think - ovwsg dot com has the schedule, workshops at ovwsg dot com gets to me.