Monday, November 8, 2010

It followed me home

This past weekend, the Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers Guild held their annual Fall Exhibition and Sale. I attended yesterday afternoon, and I am still recovering. This is my fourth visit to the OVSWG show, and each year it seems to get better. I really, really wish I'd brought along my camera—next year, for sure.

While I was visiting the Rose Haven Farm Store booth (a perennial favourite, as they sell some amazing and wacky stuff that can be hard to find locally), I happened upon the new Interweave Holiday Gifts edition, which contains a couple of patterns designed by my friend Mary.

Of course I scooped it up, along with some delicious merino/silk laceweight in the most extraordinary deep cherry pink—Audrey from Schaefer Yarns, in the Clara Barton colourway.

Almost as soon as I got home, I had that yarn wound, and I was hunting down a set of 3.25mm dpns with which to cast on. (As it happens, I wound up casting on with circs. I don't know how Mary managed to get—and keep—those first eight stitches on the needles without totally losing her sanity, but it was beyond me! But the circs worked fine.)

It's a sweet pattern, and I think this yarn will work perfectly with it.

The yarn itself is a delight to work with: fine, but with enough body to keep the needles swishing along; soft and warm, with a bit of sheen from the silk; and even at this early stage, I can feel it's going to have a beautiful drape.

The colour is off in this photo, but I'll try to get some shots in actual daylight tomorrow.

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