Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In search of

I want a hat.

More to the point, I want to make a hat, and I have some very fussy criteria:
  1. I want to make it from some Twisted Fiber Art BFL that I spun a few weeks back. (I had a photo shoot all set up so I could show you this yarn, but when I went for the camera I discovered that I'd let the battery run down. Brilliant. I will show you tomorrow, though, okay?)
  2. The pattern must be plainish, because the yarn is quite variegated and textured, and cables or lace would simply disappear into it.
  3. I want a hat thick enough to stand up to an Ottawa winter. Based on my gauge swatch (yes! I did one! Where's my prize?), I'm thinking about 6 stitches to the inch on 3.75mm needles.
  4. It must be large, to fit my unusually capacious cranium.
  5. It must not make me look like a doofus, any more than strictly necessary.
  6. It must come down over my ears (see above note re. Ottawa winters).
I've searched Ravelry every which way but up, and for some reason nothing is really calling my name.

I've considered Mary's Double Double Cloche, and may yet proceed in that direction; but I hae me doots about my ability to carry off that look. But (and this is most unlike me) for the time being, I am wracked with indecision. I think it's because I spent a fair bit of time on that yarn, and I want to do it justice.

("What yarn?" you ask. "You haven't shown us any yarn yet." Well, stand by. Tomorrow, for sure.)


Mary Keenan said...

Karen, do you remember being at my house lo these many moons ago and trying on a Top Secret Design hat in a very similar shade of green to the Double Double? Because it was also a very similar shape, and it looked way awesome on you.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I am absolutely certain that you and that wonderful hat would be gorgeous for each other!