Monday, November 1, 2010

Good times were had

Despite the dismal* weather this past weekend, I enjoyed myself thoroughly on several fronts:
  • Went to Wabi-Sabi for a three-hour course on fibre preparation (that's me on the right, looking applied), during which I learned exactly how I was mis-using my hand cards. I also learned interesting things about the sex lives of sheep, and the importance of pinging little scraps of wool next to one's ear before choosing a fleece. Came away with bags of swag washed and unwashed fleece, and am now awaiting a sunny day when I can wash and dry that stuff outdoors. Because much as I enjoy irritating my daughter, I think filling the house with the aroma of unwashed fleece is going just a step too far.
  • Had lunch at Three Bakers and a Bike, a small but nifty shop along Wellington Street. I don't know that I've ever had a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich that I enjoyed more. Seriously: the bread was home-made and fresh; the cheese was sharp and melty; and the tomato firm and ripe but not over-ripe. I never did try any of the cupcakes the shop is known for, but I'd go back there for a sandwich any day. Especially on a rainy, dreary Saturday when a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich is just the thing you need to cheer you up. Oh, and the staff were fascinated with the socks I was making, and all came over to look and talk about their own knitting adventures. And they gave us free cookies as we left, because "this was your first visit and we want you to like us." Mission accomplished: I definitely like them!
  • Speaking of socks, finished two pairs over the weekend—Do Not Adjust Your Set, and the unnamed pink, grey, and blue toe-ups I started on the flight to B.C. last summer. And about three seconds after I'd sewn in the last end on the fourth sock, I cast on for...
  • ...A pair of Monkeys. Sort of. I'm doing them toe-up, but not reversing the lace pattern, so it'll be upside down. And because I use Cat Bordhi's "every third round" increase system for my toe-up gussets (they just seem to fit my feet so much better), I'm adding an extra round of non-pattern stitch between each pattern stitch round, as follows: Pattern round, plain, plain; Pattern round, plain, plain...and so on. So I guess this makes them upside-down elongated Monkeys. Whatever. I'm using some Trail Socks by Fleece
    Artist; it's been in my stash for ages. The sock isn't photo-worthy yet, but soon. I hope.
*And by "dismal" I mean: It rained all day Saturday, with the temps hovering low enough to trigger the "low outdoor temperature" signal on our overly protective Jetta; and then later that evening, white sloppy wet stuff started to fall out of the sky, and was not completely gone by Sunday morning. The sun tried to shine yesterday, and I think a ray or two pierced the clouds, but it was mostly gloomy. I wonder whether there's an aphorism about November coming in like a lion? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.


Mary Keenan said...

course envy... sandwich envy... no weather envy though, sorry ;^) and Yay for sock progress you lucky girl!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

Mmm, melty grilled cheese! Thanks for the up about increasing every third round; I'm often pondering elongating the gusset and that sounds like just the ticket!

slipstreamfiberarts said...

It was great to have you in my class again--I always appreciate your wit and sense of humour (i.e., you laugh at my horrible jokes about the sex lives of sheep).