Monday, October 25, 2010

Sock round-up

With fall steaming along at a good clip, my thoughts have been turning to the utilitarian side of this whole knitting gig: to whit, socks.

Fact is, I had great ambitions this past summer. The plan was to knit up at least half a dozen new pairs of socks, so as to be ready for winter. The plan was practical and, I thought, realistic: I'd spend the hot months knitting small, portable projects, and at the end of it all, I'd have seriously augmented my sock wardrobe (which, if you recall, I share with my daughter, whose feet are exactly the same size as mine).

The plan started off like gangbusters, with four pairs cast on by early July. Then summer vacation hit, I visited the fibre dens of the west coast, and the plan started heading south faster than a speeding potato. It was replaced by something along the lines of, "Oh, look! New fibre! Spinning! Carding! Whee!"

As the thermometer has begun plummeting, though, I've begun to regret my grasshopper-like ways. So today I decided to gather up the socks I didn't knit, put them all in a pile, and commit to finishing them once and for all. Here's what I found, tucked into various hidey-holes around the house:

Pair 1:

These are within an inch of being finished. However, I discovered too late that I'd made them at least a full size too small. So when they're done, they'll be heading off to another sock drawer. Too bad, because I kind of liked them.

Pair 2:

Again, these are chugging along toward their final destination. And they do fit, thanks to some generous two-by-two ribbing across the instep. I abandoned them because...well, there's no real reason for it. I just did. Don't judge me.

I'll finish them, I really will. Soon.

Pair 3:

This poor lonely sock yearns for a companion. And I know for a fact that I wrote down the needle size I used to make it. So once I find the scrap of paper I wrote it on, and cast on again, the sock will be alone no more.

I know it's around here somewhere. It's got to be, right? I mean, scraps of paper with unintelligible jottings on them don't just get up and wander off. It's here. Definitely. Just gotta find it.

Pair 4:

You've seen this one already, and it has a perfectly valid excuse for being an orphan: I had to finish spinning the yarn for its partner. Now that I have the yarn in hand (as of Saturday, hurrah!), I'll get cracking on the second sock.

But first, I must complete Pair 5:

I cannot tell a lie: I cast on these socks only yesterday.

Yes, I know, I had other pairs clamouring for my attention, but I just had one of those inexplicable spells—the kind where you suddenly realize you have thought up a completely new stitch (well, completely new to me, and I haven't seen it anywhere else, so maybe it actually is an original), and you absolutely have to drop everything else you're doing and cast on to see if the stitch works as expected. It does, and I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

Anyway, that's the lot (at least, as far as I can tell) for this fall's sock round-up.

So...move 'em on, head 'em up, count 'em out, ride 'em in.

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Kris said...

I know exactly how you feel about sock pair no 5. I'm about to start one of those myself!

Re sock pair no. 3: if you never find that scrap of paper, what about counting your spi? That should give you an indication of what size needle to use.

But best be getting on with your current sock love.