Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Playing catch-up

I've been doing one of those hurry up and wait kind of projects at work lately.

You know, the kind where you sit and stare at the computer for an hour, willing it to disgorge an email; nothing happens...nothing happens some more...still nothing...and then, just as you're about to drift off to sleep (or downstairs to find some coffee), BAM! Five files land in your inbox, and you've got an hour to edit the lot and get them back to the client in pristine condition. GO! GO! GO!

Like that.

Oddly, I'm rather fond of this kind of project, especially because it's an onsite newsletter, so once I've edited the files and sent them off, they will never come back. I appreciate this, I really do. I have a love 'em and leave 'em approach to the files I meet: I give them my best work, make them all pretty and readable and happy, and then boot them out the door. Once they're gone, I really never want to see them again.

So despite the crazy deadlines and long waiting periods, I like onsite newsletters a lot. Today I've been taking advantage of the interstices to catch up on a bunch of busywork. Filing, that sort of thing.

And one thing I've been meaning to do for ages now is update my FOs on Ravelry. Basically the problem is that our household's cameras were AWOL for a bit, and then what with one thing and another, the urgency of photographing and recording them would fade. So I've snapped a few shots of stuff, which I present in no particular order:

Ruffled Baktus: A free pattern on Rav, and really a whole lot of fun. I used Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox, mainly because I couldn't bring myself to work this fine, delicate, loosely plied yarn into a sock, only to have it disintegrate on me. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you know. Note that while the pattern says it's got a ruffle, it's really quite a light, inoffensive ruffle, perfect for non-ruffles persons such as myself. Also, it's nice and long, and can be worn wrapped or as a mini-shawl.

Handspun Leaf Lace Scarf: Got this one from the Fall 2009 Spin-Off, so sadly there is no link. However, I don't think this would be too hard to duplicate; it's a very basic leaf-lace, with k2tog/yo border. The yarn is my take on some Fleece Artist BFL sliver, which I spun up over the winter into something resembling a DK weight. It's unbelievably soft, totally neck-worthy. My only gripe is that I should have made it longer and thinner.

Kalajoki Socks: Another Rav download. I made these in the winter using Socks that Rock Mediumweight (a favourite for me) in Jasper. A couple of notes here: I should have used a smaller gauge, and next time I probably wouldn't use the toe as writ in the pattern. It's an "anatomical" toe, in that it slopes gently rather than just being rounded; a nice idea, except that it means you can only wear the socks one way. This is a bad idea for me, because I tend to walk on the outside of my foot, which exerts more pressure on that part of the sock, and so I prefer to be able to switch up my socks with each wearing.

Oh, and here's the final outcome for the mega-gigundo Clapotis I finished last week: honestly, this thing is about nine feet long. I am seriously considering trying to shrink it up some, possibly via some seriously hot water to convince the wool to contract a bit. The thing is, I don't know the ratio of silk to wool, as I haven't been able to find a description of the yarn anywhere, so I'm not totally certain what might happen. On the other hand, unless it actually grows more, what have I got to lose? It could shrink almost by half, and it'd still be a decent size! Craziness.

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