Monday, February 8, 2010

What the hey?

I've been working on yet another pair of socks (surprise!), using the "Foxfire" master pattern from Cat Bordhi's New Pathway for Sock Knitters.

This is a toe-up with a flap heel; the stitches that form the gusset increases are scattered randomly throughout the non-instep side of the sock. Bordhi's idea is that it's possible to place the gusset increases pretty much anywhere on the foot section, and she seems to be onto something. Her practices of starting the increases a bit earlier, and adding stitches every three rows instead of the more usual every other row, result in a very foot-fitting sock.

She uses a rather complicated system of "Master Numbers," which you either determine beforehand or work out as you go:
  • A = stitches-per-inch gauge
  • B = foot length
  • C = midfoot circumference
  • D = midfoot stitch count
  • E = length of first section of a toe-up sock
...and so on, all the way up to J, the "custom instep adjustment number."

Which is all well and good, but I've just run into a bit of a snag on Sock 2. I dutifully filled in all my Master Numbers, and have followed them as I work both socks. As I worked, I sort of thought, "Hmm, this second sock looks a tiny bit different. Wonder why?"

But I checked and rechecked my numbers, and it all seemed good, so I figured it must be my imagination. (Have you ever noticed that when you do something by the rules, you're far less likely to believe the evidence of your own eyes? Yeah, me too.)

But now that I'm past the heel and about halfway up the ankle, I decided to do a try-on. (Why did I wait so long? See remarks re. following the rules, above.) I can't pretend any longer.

Sock 2 is definitely bigger than its mate. Definitely.

As in, Sock 1 fits like a dream, while Sock 2 fits like a burlap sack.

What to do? For starters, I see some frogging in my future. And as I work Sock 2.1, I'll use the vaunted Master Numbers to the best of my ability, but you can bet I'll be checking obsessively to be sure 2.1 doesn't start to outstrip its twin.

I'll keep you posted.

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Not ready for handspun said...

Oh I just hate that - when I keep blundering on, ignoring the most obvious clues that I've gone wrong. My fingers are crossed that you can make the second sock come out like the first!