Friday, January 1, 2010

Moving into 2010

I don't generally set huge store in the idea of New Year's resolutions. Too easily made, too easily forgotten.

But for some reason, when I woke up this morning and saw that the bedside clock read "Jan 1," I thought, "I want to learn a lot this year."

Not necessarily about the fibre arts, although that kind of learning is likely to happen whether I resolve it or not; but I know I am happiest when I am absorbing and integrating new information, so that is my choice for 2010: to actively pursue learning, in whatever directions that might take me.

What about you? Where do you see yourself going this year? Any mountains you want to climb?


Mary Keenan said...

I want learn a lot too, and particularly how to be less angry at bullies of all description - but I'm afraid that's a taller order than Everest ;^)

Lisa said...

My resolution is to be the best mom I can be... looks like I'll be induced with Kid#1 tomorrow!