Thursday, January 7, 2010

Intentions gone awry

Today I had grand plans: I was going to photograph the projects I completed over the Xmas holidays, as well as The Hat (which I finished, and have worn with no untoward effects), plus a mystery project that I've been waiting to spring on you.

I started taking the pictures, but reality intervened, in that irritating way it so often does.

Reality Check #1: Did you know that it is actually incredibly difficult to take a decent picture of yourself wearing a hat, at least in such a way that anyone looking at the picture could actually tell that it was meant to represent a hat, and not just some wacky person who likes to take pictures of herself in the mirror? Well, I guess if you were to think about it you'd quickly recognize the futility of it. But not me. I went ahead and tried, and only realized the awful truth when I started transferring the pictures from the camera to the computer.

Reality Check #2: I am not working on my own computer, because Person or Persons Unknown (okay, I know who she the person is, but I'm trying to be sensitive and not come right out and make any accusations) borrowed my laptop, and for some mysterious reason it completely stopped working while in that person's care, and now I have to use a laptop that doesn't belong to me, which lacks a crucial element for my picture-taking/blog posting endeavours--to whit, the GIMP.

Adrian, bless him, installed the GIMP on my laptop a while ago, and trained me in its use (much as one might train a chimpanzee to pretend to bang away at a typewriter--he doesn't know what he's doing, but it looks cute, and who knows, he might come up with a few legible words), and it's the only way I know to make my photos blog-friendly, because face it, I am a techno-moron.

Anyway, my laptop is out of action, and this one won't do what I tell it to do, no matter how loudly and clearly I speak to it, so to hell with it. No pictures today.

Reality Check #3: I am supposed to be working today anyway. So if anyone from work happens to read this, I want you to know that I composed this post last night, and am only posting it now to make it look like it's current. I'm not slacking off or proroguing or anything witless like that. Honest. Here I go back to work now. Look, see? This is me, working.



Stacy said...

Grand plans.... if only they could come to fruition more often.

And yes, hat photos are next to impossible!

Mary Keenan said...

Aw, you just need to practice (and do some bi/tricep work so you can hold the camera at arm's length for long periods of time.) Who do you think takes all the pix of my hat patterns?

Kathleen Taylor said...


Are you on a Windows PC? If so, you can do simple photo manipulation (uploading, cropping, reducing size) etc in Paint. That's what I usually use.

You can't make a mirror self-portrait look like it was anything but that in Paint, but you can manage them in a sort of simple way for blogging.

Northmoon said...

My deepest sympathy on your computer problems. I know how sad/frustrating it is when technology goes awry. My computer suddenly went all yellow and fuzzy, so I too am on my work computer. Don't know how I can last all weekend without checking my blog friends!