Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project Management

Having finally decided to knit a few holiday gifts after all, I am now in full Pre-Holiday Panic Mode.

Part of my problem is the whole secrecy thing: if I am to retain the element of surprise, I must attempt to knit Recipient A's gift while s/he is not in the room, and the same goes for Recipients B, C, etc.

This might have been easier if I'd done the sensible thing and started the projects a couple of months ago, but since Sensible is not my middle name, I am now reduced to carrying around an anonymous-looking sack stuffed with various project-related stuff, so that as Recipient A approaches, I can quickly ditch his/her project and pull out Recipient B's project. This way, by the time A enters the room, I am knitting happily and innocently away on something that could not possibly be theirs, and they are none the wiser.

This takes nerves of steel, and a certain predisposition toward deceit, both of which I am proud to confess.

(Speaking of deviousness, I have a very hypothetical question for you: is it really wrong to steal nick borrow someone else's merino top, spin it up, knit it, and then give it to them as a gift? What about if you know they weren't planning to do anything with it anyway? Okay, what about if you found it in a little bag, shoved into a cabinet where the person had obviously long since forgotten about it, and you knew how much they loved the colours, and thought that it would be really super-nice to spin/knit something with it? What if it's something they'll really like? What if . . . oh, never mind.)

Project management at this level also takes organizational skill, which I think I must have misplaced somewhere along the way. Or maybe I never got mine when it was being handed out. I'll get back to you on that.

In any case, my current score is:

Project A--yarn spun, knitting complete. Needs buttons. Also needs ends sewn in and some blocking done.

Project B--about three-quarters done. Will require ends sewn in, but minimal blocking, and no sewing. Huzzah!

Projects C/D--the less said, the better. They'll get done, okay? Just give me a minute.


Stacy said...

No advice but greatly humored by the whole post. Thanks for a mid-afternoon post.

Geek Knitter said...

I've never understood how people can get through life without a little deviousness... and you seem to have plenty.

Kathleen Taylor said...

No one in my immediate family (outside of my sons' SO's) ever notices my knitting. I can knit their presents right in front of them and they never recognize them when they open the packages.