Thursday, December 31, 2009

More stashbusting

As I mentioned in my last post, I've spun up a fair lot of yarn since last June when I learned to use the drop spindle.

Knowing that beginning spinners tend to spin a lot of fine yarns (once we get past the lumpy, bumpy "art yarn" of the very early attempts), I decided to work on a variety of thicknesses, from laceweight to chunky, just to keep the muscle memory alive in my hands.

Here's one of the chunkies (which veers into worsted weight at times, but we shall not discuss that).

It started out like this (and this tiny scrap is really all that was left from a largish hank of hand-dyed Corriedale from Daisy Chains and Buttercups):

I can't seem to get the greens to show as well as they ought in these shots, but this shot comes closest, I think.

It wound up like this:

Yes, another Moebius, this one using Cat Bordhi's cast-on method. The two faint stripes of purplish yarn (which are actually a single faint stripe, Moebius-style) are the result of an experiment in plying the greeny/blue mix with some of the purple I used for the shawl I showed you yesterday.

The stitch pattern is pretty basic -- k3, p3 all the way to the beginning marker, then move it over a single stitch. The nature of the Moebius is that the pattern will reverse itself, travelling one way on the right side of the cast-on midline, and the other direction on the other.

The project took a grand total of about four hours to whip up, and I am thinking I might make another while I'm at it. A fun, relaxing knit, and gives me the opportunity to use up some of the odd (sometimes very odd) balls of yarn lying about the place.

Of course, I'm spinning tons more, but that's a story for another day.

Did I mention I really like being on winter vacation?