Wednesday, December 9, 2009

High winds, white sky

(You get extra points if you can identify the source of that heading. Let's just say you'd pretty much have to be as ancient as I am, though.)

So, yeah. Woke up to much snow this morning. High winds, twigs and small branches blowing off trees, the whole ball of wax. This is the first real test of my Winter Resolution.

Did I not tell you about this? Some time last fall, as I sat knitting and mulling over the rapid approach of winter, I started to wonder: most years, I dread the winter months. Hate them while they're here, love it when they're gone, hate thinking about them coming back. In a sense, winter rules my life, or at least my emotional well-being.

But I live in Ottawa, and even given the whole global warming thing, it's not likely that this city's winters will suddenly and miraculously begin to feature chirping birds, sprouting bulbs, and gently wafting breezes.

And maybe this is ridiculously optimistic on my part, but I have this theory that when we allow ourselves to get all twisted and bitter about some things, those become the very things that assume unwarranted importance in our lives. In other words, bitching and moaning all winter will not make it go away. It will just make the experience more miserable, for me and for those around me.

I don't know for sure that not complaining will actually make me less unhappy about this time of year, but I do know that it has to be an improvement for those around me. That has to count for something.

Oh, plus I went out to MEC and got me a Giant Grey Down-filled Marshmallow Jacket, which feels a lot like wearing a really pouffy sleeping bag with snug cuffs and a belt. I figure that if I'm going to do this whole Sunny Bunny thing, I should give myself a fighting chance to stay warm and reasonably comfortable.

It felt a bit silly this morning, when I opened the curtains and saw the white-out conditions (into which I would shortly be venturing with our intrepid mutt), and instead of cursing or scowling, I just thought, "Wow. Wouldya look at that. Snow." No cursing, no shaking fist at the weather. Just a neutral observation of current conditions.

And when I got outside and felt the sharp wind whipping around my collar, trying to dig its way through my Giant Grey Down-filled Marshmallow Jacket, I just did the zipper up a little higher on my neck, and kept walking. I even took the dog along the longer route (the one down by the river, not just up one side of the boulevard and down the other), without complaining or anything.

So far, four people today have commented on the miserable conditions out there, and I've just smiled and nodded.

Because, well, there's "not complaining," and then there's "just plain ridiculous."


Mary Keenan said...

I've spent the afternoon researching snowshoes, in case that sort of thing will make the resolution easier for ya ;^)

Northmoon said...

I completely agree with your philosophy. Concentrating on negative issues amplifies them even more. I have come to realize in my mature years that I want to spend my remaining time on this earth in a good mood, not as a grumpy b***h.

I too am not that keen on winter, but at least it will make spring all the sweeter.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Yay for you! (and for warm coats). Usually, I love winter, and welcome the snow and cold. But for some reason this year, I'm not so happy about it, even though it was late in coming. But I'm trying not to whine...

Patricia said...

I could hear it in my head as soon as you brought attention to it...
Bruce Cockburn! At this best IMO.

Leslie said...

Bruce Cockburn! I have that album!