Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frankensock the Second

Never let it be said that I don't learn from my mistakes. Having pretty much created a hash of my last attempt at sock repair (see yesterday's post), I decided to approach the other sock with a bit more care and preparation.

Thus, instead of rummaging through my scrap bag and pulling out the first yarn in the same colour family (whaaaat?! maroon and mauve are both shades of purple. Not a great match in this case, but better than, say, mauve and green), I took my time and inspected all potential sources of yarn in my stash.

Including the random project bags that someone keeps leaving in odd places around the house, and the bits of yarn I've tucked into corners for reasons I no longer recall. I'm a bit like a squirrel that way -- apparently they remember the location of approximately 20% of the nuts they bury, which means they have to bury an awful lot to ensure they won't starve when it comes time to dig them up.

Anyway, lo and behold, I actually found a bit of Twisted Fiber Art's Playful, in an unnamed colourway intended for heel and/or toe use. I think it came with a larger order a year or so back. It was kind of pinkish, but less glaringly awful than the maroon of my first attempt. And it was more or less the right weight, and I've had excellent results with other Twisted products on sock projects.

Having located some decent yarn, I took my time and picked up an even row of sole stitches, well down from the worn heel of Sock 2; and then I basically knit a new short-row heel, kind of a cup-shaped thing that would serve to cap off the whole shredded sock heel. I sewed the bound-off edge to the back of the sock, and tried it on. Not perfect, but a darn sight better than Frankensock I. And with new heels, these babies should take me through another winter.

I think they make a nice conversation piece, don't you?


Mary Keenan said...

The second one looks kind of Meant! But I like the first one, too... I've been very interested in the patchwork effect in all kinds of clothes lately.

Kathleen Taylor said...

looking good... and comfy... and warm...

(word verification: sqqns)

Stacy said...

Too funny... love your fraternal fixer up socks!