Friday, November 6, 2009

Enlisting help

Fact 1: I like hand-knit socks. A LOT.

Fact 2: So does my daughter.

Fact 3: I have size 12 feet.

Fact 4: So does my daughter.

Fact 5: I have several pairs of hand-knit socks in my dresser drawer.

Fact 6: My daughter does not.

Fact 7: My daughter believes in a share-and-share-alike policy when it comes to hand-knit socks.

Fact 8: So do I. Sort of. (Ask me more about this when I find a crumpled pair of socks -- socks that I worked hard over -- scrunched into the sofa cushions in our living room. This makes me deeply unhappy.)

Fact 9: My relatively large collection of socks currently in use dwindles considerably when shared by two sock-loving individuals.

Fact 10: I like knitting socks, but my ability to churn 'em out is limited by the other projects on my needles. Such as, for example, a Central Park Hoody that is intended for a certain someone whose attention is focused on my sock drawer.

Fact 11: Rachel knows how to knit. She tends to start more than she finishes, but that's a mere detail, which we could address through withholding her current favourite treat, mangoes.

Adding up the evidence, would you not say it's about time to enlist some help in my Sock Acquisition project? Yes, that's what I thought, too.


Kathleen Taylor said...

absolutely... Give a girl a pair of socks and she'll have warm feet for years, teach her to knit socks, and she'll still steal your socks, but in a few years, she may knit a pair for you in return. It's a fair trade.

Mary Keenan said...

You left out another important fact: you have an awesome and enviable sock yarn stash. What's more fun than knitting *anything* with super-fabulous yarn?

Geek Knitter said...

High time and then some... get that young lady some DPNs!