Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Knitting in my sleep

Do you ever dream about knitting?

I do. To be more precise, when a knitting problem is tickling at the edges of my brain, and I cannot quite figure out how to handle it, I have a tendency to dream about it, over and over again.

This has been happening the past few nights, as I've been coming to the end of Reuben's Big Blanket. The problem: I want to apply an I-cord along the edge of the blanket, but I don't want a great big giant ridge to show, and I don't want the beginning and end of the I-cord to be too obvious. Oh, and the other problem: I've never done an I-cord of any sort or description before.

I know they're not supposed to be difficult. The principle is that you work them on two DPNs, and the trick is that you never turn your work. You just knit your three or four stitches, bring the yarn back behind the work, and knit the next row. I know that, and I also know how to join two edges of knitting by knitting them together. Oh, and I know how to start a provisional cast-on, and then graft the open ends together, so as to make the I-cord run in an uninterrupted line around the edge of the blanket.

So in theory, I'm all set.

However, apparently my brain was concerned enough that it felt the need to chew on the problem -- for a few nights running -- just to be sure I really did get it, and that I wouldn't muck anything up. Sure enough, when I finally finished the last row of the blanket last night (do I hear "Amen"?), and cast on for the I-cord. I started with four stitches, slipping the fourth along with the first stitch of the blanket's edge, which I then knit together.

It went smooth as silk.

The cord is running neatly along the edge, corralling the garter stitch edges and preventing them from running amok, which I know they'd do in an instant if left to their own devices. It's the blanket's weight, you see, that would quickly pull them out of shape. You might wish to consider this, should you ever work a large amount of un-edged garter stitch yourself.

Good old brain.


Geek Knitter said...

My subconscious does that to me sometimes, although it's more likely to be a server configuration problem I dream about than a knitting one.

Sure wished I'd dreamed the solution to the current issue right now, I'm stumped!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are back! I have missed you!