Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A ringing endorsement

First, I should say that I love reading the Yarn Harlot's blog, and have been pretty religiously tuning in since my friend Patti pointed it out to me a few years back. I miss her when she's too busy to post, and I enjoy reading her insights into everything from how to knit a sock to how to cope with teenage girls.

Even so, I like to think that I'm not one of those squee-ing fangirls who mob the Harlot when she's out and about. In fact, I don't really get too squee-ish about famous people in general, perhaps because I've lived long enough to know that we all put our pants on the same way -- one leg at a time. (Only some of us then go off and make gold records, but that's a whole other story.)

However, today I'd like to point out that according to my Yarn Harlot Page-A-Day Calendar, no less a personage than the Harlot herself has proclaimed me a genius:

A friend of mine had the most brilliant idea for a blocking board. She bought an inexpensive set of foam floor mats -- big ones that measured about two feet square. They interlock like puzzle pieces and are designed to provide a soft floor for kids' rooms or exercise spaces. Little did the makers know that they are also quite canny for blocking. Just take out your mats, interlock them into a shape that works for whatever you're blocking, and you're set. The foam mats are soft, so you can drive pins right into them, and they don't absorb water, so your knits dry quickly. When you're done, just pull the mats apart again, stack them up, and slide them under a bed or something. The woman's a genius (emphasis mine).

Now, anyone who's been following my blog for a while will know: the foam puzzle-piece blocking board is totally my idea. I knew I couldn't have been the only one to come up with it, but I must say it's rather nice to start my day with the Yarn Harlot informing me that in her estimation, I am one smart cookie. Heh. Go, me.


Kathleen Taylor said...

You ARE a genius!

And I was so totally a swueeing fangirl at the Sock Summmit, that I did not work up the courage even to say Hi to the Harlot.

Stacy said...

Totally knew you were a smart cookie. ;-)

Heather O. said...

Smart cookie...but of course, the cool glasses prove it! :)