Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hello, it's me again

I know, I've been out of radio contact for a while now. Couple of weeks, actually -- not for any particular reason, although I should point out that July was extremely dark and dingy and not at all conducive to taking good photographs of the yarn I've been spinning or the projects I've been knitting. Not that that's a real excuse, but it's one of the stories I've told myself.

And while I was away from home for a few days in there, I've also been home quite a lot.

If it's any consolation, I have thought about blogging several times -- mostly when I've seen or read something and thought, "Hmm. I should write something about that." But then the sloth of summer -- an unseasonably wet, cool summer, but still, there's been no actual snow or sleet -- overtook me, and the urge to write gave way to the urge to do, well, not much of anything.

At the moment, I'm sharing the house with Ferdeleh, the Senior Cat; Angus, the Junior Roustabout Cat; and Maydeleh, the Sheltie. The other humans who usually live here have gone off in different directions -- Rachel to her usual summer camp near Parry Sound, and Mitchell to San Francisco. He's not there for fun, though last night he did mention something about a garlic restaurant in North Beach, which sounded suspiciously enjoyable to me. But I chose not to accompany him, so I cannot complain.

And really, I like solitude, at least in small doses. (I'm not so keen about arguing with Ferdeleh about whether she has the right to stick her 19-year-old tabby nose right in the middle of my toasted cheese sandwich, which she did just now, without any regard for my sensibilities. And frankly, I don't care that she's half blind -- I don't stick my nose into her food, do I? But I digress.)

So what have I been doing with all this free time? Well, last week I got to spend a couple of days with my sister and two of her kids, always a special treat, since she lives in Hong Kong, and it's a bit of a longish commute.

And I've rediscovered the joy of knitting or spinning while listening to CBC Radio -- just today, for instance, I heard a passably interesting piece on Bob Dylan, followed by another on C.S. Lewis; and then Vinyl Cafe came on, always a favourite around here. And all the while I was being edified (or not -- a few bits of the Dylan piece annoyed me, but you can't win 'em all), I was working away on the beginnings of the Cherry Leaf shawl from Jane Sowerby's beautiful book, Victorian Lace Today.

As well, as I mentioned, I've been spinning up a storm, though I think at some point I'm going to have to settle down and spin a lot of yarn in one colour and a reasonably similar weight -- that is, if I actually want to use it for a project or anything.

Oh -- I did knit up some handspun yarn into a Branching Out scarf (an excellent pattern for those with yardage issues: lots of openwork = less yarn required), which I've worn quite proudly several times, despite the fact that wool is not exactly de rigeur in Ottawa in July.

Of course, it's usually a little warmer here at this time of year, so on balance it all worked out.

Speaking of warm(ish), I see the sun has finally made a cameo appearance after a drab, misty morning, so I think I'll head out and take advantage of the moment.

Back soon!


Dave said...

Your spinning looks absolutely wonderful! And yippee for a handspun scarf, and poo-ey for being able to wear it in July.

Stacy said...

It looks like your spinning is coming along nicely!! Love the scarf... and glad you are back around.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Great to see you again.

Fear not about those bits and pieces of handspun yarns in different colors. I used up tons of skeins that weren't large enough to use by themselves, in my Dakota Earth and Sky sweater. Hang on to them, the perfect project will surface.

btw- they're all gorgeous

Heather O. said...

Horray! She exists. I love that you have lots of mini do I from the days of my drop spindle spinning. This vacation I am knitting up swatches so that I know what different fibers feel like.

Good to hear from you! Hopefully see you in mid August. Love the scarf!

quenouille said...

BEAUTIFUL spinning, Karen! I love that scarf.