Friday, June 19, 2009

We are experiencing technical difficulties

More so than usual, that is.

I am not the world's most tech-minded person, as people in my family will attest. While I have learned (more or less) to operate a computer in such a way that it only rarely blows up or melts down, I have often been known to whine plaintively to my offspring that I need their help, only to find that the task I'm having trouble with is apparently so simple that it could be done by a trained chimpanzee. At least, this is what I gather, judging by the barely suppressed smirks that are exchanged when I say things like, "Adrian! The Internet is broken!"

Anyway, that's all a preface to this: I had planned to post a free pattern here yesterday. It's for the Noro Sideways Rib Jacket that I made last month, and a few people have requested it, so I'd oblige.

I have it all written up -- in a Word document. Then I pdf'd it (hah! I know how to pdf Word documents! Am I a wizard, or what!), because I do know that I can't post anything from Word to the blog (again -- hah! Something I know!). However, I discovered yesterday that Blogger isn't fond of PDFs, either. So I had the bright idea of saving the file as a jpeg (once again, I say hah! More technology that I sort of understand!), and that worked okay, in the sense that Blogger accepted it all right...but in eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny form, such that you'd need a microscope to actually read it. Not ideal.

So tonight, when our family gathers for our customary Friday dinner, I shall humiliate myself once more in my children's eyes by asking them for help with something that is probably dead simple, but beyond my capabilities. So it goes.

Once I've got it all figured out, I'll post the pattern here, so stay tuned.

In other news, I'm back to the gym with a vengeance these days. Last week I started going to a class quite aptly named "Boot Camp"; this week, in addition to Boot Camp class, I went to Pilates (which is kind of like yoga for people who like their muscles to shriek in pain); and today I went to "High/Low Impact," which sounds innocuous enough, but is in fact a pseudonym for "You will want to throw up and/or faint at least once during this class."

My muscles are taking all of this quite personally. They are deeply unhappy with me, and have been informing me of their displeasure whenever I attempt to, say, stand up. Or sit down. Or walk. But I take this as a sign that they need to be re-trained to cooperate with me, and in the long run, I suspect I'm more stubborn than they are.

And my final bit of news (and proof that I really do need to make more time for regular blogging, since this is really getting unacceptably long, even for me): for several months now, certain friends have been gently urging me to take up spinning. I've resisted, mostly because I know me: as soon as I start it, I know perfectly well that I'll become deeply obsessed, and I already have quite enough obsessions in my life, what with the knitting and all.

However, back in April, on our 25th anniversary, Mitchell gave me two gift certificates for spinning classes at Wabi Sabi, the LYS I rave about here from time to time. Apparently, either he doesn't think I'm obsessed enough with fibre, or he figures one more fibre-related hobby won't make much difference in the grand scheme of things.

Either way, the first class is this Sunday, and I am looking forward to it very much -- thanks, Mitch!


knitography said...

Lucky you! I accidentally became addicted to spinning via the spindle, and I'm pretty sure there's a wheel in my future. Hope you enjoy your classes!

Dave said...

Be prepared -- spinning will take over your life. :-)

You'll have fun, and you'll learn, and you'll drop your spindle often and probably curse a fair bit too. Just remember that it's a process and practise makes ... you drop it less often. But you'll still drop it. :-)

Kathleen Taylor said...

When my jpg files upload to the blog, they look small too. Readers have to click on them to enlarge, and then right click to save them. Is that what's happening with you?

And spinning! Yay!