Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer knitting

Sort of.

The first thing I want to show you is the scarf I made while travelling to and from Victoria last month (okay, I knit on it quite a bit last week, too, but much of this was accomplished at about 35,000 feet).

The yarn is Estelle's Cadenza, a very happy merino/silk blend that somehow manages to combine bounce and drape in the same yarn. Do not ask me how they do this. Especially now that I'm taking baby steps toward spinning, contemplating this kind of advanced spinnery now makes my brain hurt.

Anyway, the colour on this one reminds me of Creamsicles, a summertime favourite of my father and me. The pattern comes from the current Vogue Knitting, and couldn't be easier.

One word of advice: be sensible and do this one on straight needles, not circs. When you get to the rows with the multiple wraps per stitch, and you're grimacing horribly while you try to manouevre the triple wraps up over the join in a recalcitrant circ, you will understand why.

And if you ignore this advice, and you happen to be attempting this en route, as I was, and therefore have no access to your regular stash of needles, you will have no one to blame but yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And once I'd finished this last week, I cast around for something else to work on. I have projects I'd like to start, but I don't quite feel ready for that yet; and besides, I've had one project on hold for so long now, it's in danger of going into hibernation. Hands up if you remember the Coup d'Etat jacket, the one I set down on a candle last summer, burning a gigantic hole in it, right above the ribbed waist. If you don't remember this episode, you can read about it here.

It was tragic. Tears were shed. And then, I picked up the damn sweater, ripped back past the burnt bits, worked it almost up to the shoulders . . . and since then, it's been sitting in my knitting bag next to my chair, while I've knit up shawls, mittens, socks, other sweaters -- really, I felt the poor Coup d'Etat had more than waited its turn. And so, the day before the Summer Solstice, I picked it up again, and I'm about halfway up the sleeves.

Brilliant timing, really. The day before summer, I decide that I absolutely must finish a heavy wool/mohair blend, a jacket I could probably wear outdoors on a moderately chilly winter's day without too many ill effects. Yes! That's just what I'll be needing, as the thermometer climbs into the low 30s (high 80s, for those still using the Fahrenheit scale) today.

But really, knitting is not about what one will need today, is it? In a way, knitters are like squirrels, hoarding away knitted things so that they'll have them when they need them, such as in the dead of winter when it's nine gazillion below zero and the only thing standing between me and death from hypothermia is a lovely, thick, warm sweater.


Geek Knitter said...

It is well known in my family that my mother will do tricks for CreamSicles... it's kind of funny, to tell the truth.

OK, off to read about the perils of combining candles and knitting...

Stacy said...

I love Creamsicles! And, the scarf is truly gorgeous.

Not ready for handspun said...

Breathtaking! Lovely to see a yarn and a pattern come together so beautifully!

Kathleen Taylor said...

knitting knows not the seasons- it wants what it wants, even if that means sitting with 4lbs of wool on your lap, when it's sweltering.

Walden said...

The scarf is beautiful! I like how it looks woven.