Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My brain is full.

As I work on the Noro Silk Garden project -- which is evolving into a very nice little wrap jacket, by the way -- I find my mind spins off in all directions, as I imagine various other things I could do using this particular two-strand technique.

Scarves, obviously -- the stitch pattern has the advantage of looking exactly the same on both sides, and there's no curling at all, which would make it ideal for anything flat. Baby blankets -- hell, even full-sized afghans or blankets. Scarves or shawls worked on the bias would be interesting, too. Especially if I modified the stitch just a bit, maybe throwing in a row of eyelet here and there, for a lacy effect.

And sweaters -- especially the kind worked from side to side, to take advantage of the vertical Noro striping, along with the stitch's ribbed texture. Big, thick sweaters with big funky buttons. Yeah.

Oh, and hats would probably work, though I don't wear hats much myself, so I tend not to think along those lines so much.

The problem is, I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself. Instead of focusing completely on what I'm knitting, I find that I'm bouncing all over the map, focusing on what could be, what might be, what I could do if I wanted to. I'm making patterns in my head, before I've even fully completed the one I'm already working on.

Perversely, as I knit a fabric that I really really like, I find I can't pay complete attention to it, because its very beauty makes me wonder what it would be like with this addition, or that subtraction . . . not that I'm complaining, but it's strange.


Mary Keenan said...

It may be full, but it's full of good things! Good things we may get to see pictures of, heh heh heh. So, you know, carry on :^)

Kathleen Taylor said...

welcome to my world...