Friday, April 10, 2009

Ah, sweet mystery of yarn

Here's something I don't get.

I knit two identical socks. Same pattern, same number of stitches cast on, same number of pattern repeats, same (hand-dyed) yarn, same needles. All systems go. And yet . . . on one sock, the colours twist around the leg and ankle, then around the foot, in a long, nearly unbroken spiral. In the other sock, the colours run vertically down the back of the leg, break up a bit for the heel and gusset, and then spiral kind of grudgingly around the foot.

It's not that I mind the two socks being non-identical. In fact, I'm enough of an iconoclast (read: weirdo) that I actually prefer it when my socks don't quite match. But I don't understand it. Why does this happen?

My guess -- and it's only a guess -- is that the independent variable is the nature of hand-dyed yarn. The pattern is regular, but not quite so regular that it's predictable.

Whatever. The socks are done, and I declare myself much pleased.

On to the next pair!

I think I may be the last person in the known universe to knit Spring Forwards, the super-easy yet super-cool looking lace pattern from last summer's Knitty. I'm doing them in basic Merino Sock from the Fleece Artist, and the pictures don't show much yet, so I'll save 'em for next time. Suffice to say, I will be very well-socked this spring!


Geek Knitter said...

I'm thinking yarn pixies may shoulder the responsibility for this phenomenon... the same yarn pixies who sneak multiple skeins into my shopping cart when I'm shopping online.

Love those socks!

Kathleen Taylor said...

no, you're not the last one to knit Spring Forward, but they're on my list for very soon (I have the perfect yarn for them).

I've had that same thing happen with socks knit with hand-dyed yarn. It shouldn't matter, but I think it has something to do with where in the repeat you begin your cast on. (though, probably it's just little a little change in the spacing of the dyed areas)