Monday, February 9, 2009

Just a little green

Okay, truth be told, a heckuva lot of green.

That's what I seem to be knitting lately: greens, in all their vibrancy and vigour and promise of new life and growth. There's the Moebius I finished last week, in which the main colour is a deep blue-green; there's the Twisted Fiber Arts Moebius* I finished over the weekend (yes, another one!), which is more of a chartreuse, really, interspersed with olive and grey striping; there are the green socks I now carry in my purse as Emergency Knitting, the ones that resemble highlighter pen colours; and now, there's the new top-down cardi** I'm casting on in Fleece Artist's (sadly discontinued) Ottawa yarn, in a colourway called Rainforest.

I suspect this mania for green is my colour-deprived brain's reaction to February: I would call the dominant outdoor colour these days "sort of whitish but leaning more toward slush-coloured, with a lot of grey."

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not complaining about February, not at all! February is good, because it is a month slightly less devoid of hope than January, which has very few redeeming features that I can think of. January is one of those months that's a lot like banging your head against a wall, in that it feels really good when it stops.

February, on the other hand, is only one month removed from March. These days, if I can manage to exit the office by 5 p.m., I actually stand a chance of seeing a bit of light in the sky. If I go outdoors during the day, I can feel the warmth of the sun through my down-filled parka, even though the wind still whips exposed skin and makes my eyes water.

Yes, we'll have a whack of snow and probably at least one extended cold snap between now and spring, but now that it's February, I know it's all time-limited, and eventually the world will start to thaw and grow again, and we'll start to see just a little green.

*Details on Twisted Moebius: Twisted Fiber Arts Arial in Firefly, half the length and twice the width of last week's extravaganza, blocking as we speak. Pictures to follow.

**Details on cardi: Garter stitch yoke with eyelet detail, yarn-over raglan increases, leaf lace inset against stocking stitch body. Design in progress. Updates to follow.


Mary Keenan said...

I am all about green right now too, I think in part because I realized matching my eyes is a really good idea. Loving what you're doing with the rainforest!

Kathleen Taylor said...

I can't wait to hear what you think of the Twisted yarn (I feel like an anxious mommy).

I love green too, which is odd because I can't wear any greens except deep moss, without looking cadaverous. Luckily, I have a few on my gifting list who can wear neon green (which is such fun to knit with).

Binnie said...

I'm with Mary re. green. Thinking about it beats the heck out of slithering around on icy sidewalks - knitting with it is a great antidote to TOO MUCH WINTER.

Stacy said...

I'm with you on the need for green. Right now, all is brown around here as everything melted...