Thursday, February 5, 2009

A post in search of a title

(Geez, you'd think I'd know by now that the little box up top is where the title goes. Never mind -- now it's fixed.)

I've had quite a few requests for the pattern for the scarf I knit Mitchell last week -- this one:

So the other night I sat myself down and wrote up the pattern, as best I could recall it. It was one of those "knitting by feel" things, so I had several false starts on it, but once I got going, it was a nice relaxing knit, and the twisty cabled bits added a bit of fun to the proceedings.

Of course, knitting it in a spongy, ultra-soft recycled cashmere didn't hurt, either. If you can't find such a yarn, I'd suggest any high-loft yarn, such as King Ultra-Stampato, a 12-ply merino I used last year for Mitchell's Cobblestone (is there a theme here? Must all manly-man yarns be ultra-lofty and ultra-soft? Or maybe it's just love).

Observant readers will note that I made a somewhat non-matching hat to go with this scarf (in fact, I made the hat first), but I haven't yet written that one up. Some day soon, I'll get to it. Meanwhile, here's the scarf, my early February gift to you:

Manly Man Scarf
(but girls like it, too!)

Materials: 12-ply yarn—I used a recycled cashmere, but any bulky yarn could be substituted.

Needles: 5.5mm

Gauge: 16 st. = 10cm


Border: Cast on 46 stitches. K 7 rows.

Row 1 (right side): K5, *(P1, K4); repeat from * until 6 stitches remain. P1, K5.

Row 2: K6, *(P4, K1); repeat from * until 5 stitches remain. K5.

Repeat these two rows once more, then first row again.

Row 6: K11, *(P4, K6); repeat from * to last 5 stitches; K5.

Row 7: As Row 1.

Row 8: As Row 6.

Row 9: K5, *(P1, K4, P1, C4F); repeat from * until 11 stitches remain. P1, K4, P1, K5.

Row 10: As Row 6.

Row 11: As Row 1.

Row 12: As Row 2.

Row 13: As Row 1.

Repeat the last two rows once more.

Row 16: K6, *(P4, K6); repeat from * to end.

Row 17: As Row 1.

Row 18: As Row 16.

Row 19: K5, *(P1, C4B, P1, K4); repeat from * until 10 stitches remain. C4B, P1, K5.

Row 20: As Row 16.

Repeat these 20 rows 17 times, or until scarf is desired length. End on Row 5 or Row 15.

K7 rows, then bind off.


And here to model it for you is the lovely Ninja Mitchell, in full regalia.


Stacy said...

Thanks for posting the pattern....

gilraen said...

What a cute ninja!!!

Gorgeous scarf and great pattern!!! :)

Thank you.

Geek Knitter said...

I still think he looks more like a bank-robber...

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And alien saying "ew" perhaps?