Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finishitis, Part 1

Last night on Facebook, I posted Karen has a severe case of finishitis as my Current Status. I knew that the vast majority of my friends would think this meant I had some kind of unspeakable disease, but that my knitting friends (a strong but vocal minority) would get it right away.

I've been churning out the stitches this weekend, in a marathon game of "finish-it-up and get-it-off-the-needles." Not that I've actually finished all that much so far, but it's only Sunday morning. There's time yet.

Today's victory: Mitchell's scarf (the other half of the non-matched recycled cashmere set). I buggered up the pattern on the last four inches and had to rip back some, but somehow those missing four inches seemed to knit up faster the second time, and then it was a question of whether I'd have enough yarn to finish a full pattern repeat before starting the last six rows of garter stitch. I did -- if you look from one side of your computer monitor to the other, that's about how much was left. Pretty good, eh, kids?

Then came the fun part: the photographing.

The hat and scarf behaved themselves admirably, lying nice and flat and allowing themselves to be photographed with nary a murmur.

Their new owner, however, seemed determined to be captured for posterity as a hold-up artist.....

...or perhaps just the getaway driver.

p.s., yes, that is the Cobblestone sweater I knit last year. You can't see it, but his socks are also handknit. So aside from his jeans and his unmentionables, Mitchell is now pretty much clad in handknits from moi.

Oh, and here's the hat from a different perspective. I just had to sneak up on him and get it when he wasn't looking:


Stacy said...

That is an awesome set!! He must be so pleased.

UGG BOOTS said...
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Geek Knitter said...

Ooh, more SPAM! You must be getting very famous!

Great set!

Kathleen Taylor said...

non spambot here to say: beautiful hat and scarf, and a rather intrigueing bandit!

sean said...

he looks like a ninja!!!