Friday, February 27, 2009

A brief, shining moment

I use what my friend Adam refers to as the "jacked version" of iGoogle -- the one where you can choose various skins and add all sorts of widgets and gewgaws to your default opening page. Mine uses the Heifer International skin -- that's a worldwide charity devoted to giving farm animals to subsistence farmers, and I highly recommend making a donation.

I also have a bunch of news outlets, some knitting resources, a couple of favourite blogs, and, just to torment myself, a weather report for Ottawa, as well as one for Victoria, B.C. (where I'm from -- it's not just some random city I chose to make myself feel bad).

Most of this winter, the Ottawa report has shown daytime highs like "-10C" or "-35 + windchill." And snow. Lots of snow. Meanwhile, the Victoria report has shown "-1C" or "8 + daffodils." Yeah. Grr.

However, this morning when I opened my computer, I was treated to the following:

Ottawa -- 3C / Victoria -- 3C

It doesn't happen often, but I just wanted to put it out there: today, we are having West Coast weather. I shall wear my 35-year-old (but still perfectly wearable and beautiful) Cowichan sweater to celebrate this brief, shining moment.

Because tomorrow, my friends, the Evil Weather Overlords are calling for a high of -6C here, while in Victoria it will still be +8C.

I suggest we live for the day.

p.s. Ottawa is now at 7C, while Victoria lags behind at 4C. Now I'm really impressed! (added at 2:02 p.m.)


Mary Keenan said...

You can live for tomorrow too, because we'll be starting out at -13 and not working up to -6 till 4pm if we're lucky. And now to look up train fare to Ottawa...

Mary Wilson said...

Karen, don't know if you noticed.. but the day it got cold, we also had SNOW! We had to dig the chains out to get our car up the hill by our place... and we had to put them on in the dark, without gloves (natch, coz who needs gloves in February, right?)...

Bethany said...

Well, it is only 11:10am here on the Wet Coast. According to Environment Canada it's supposed to be 5.5 at the nearest station to me right now. Highs today supposed to reach 9. Feels like spring! I saw a worm out there in the mud today!